10 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying A New Motorcycle

The trend among people to buy online bikes is rising at an exponential extent due to the availability of reliable digital platforms. Specifically, the eShop Hero Motocorp website helps you book high-performing, stylish, mileage-oriented, and affordable Hero motorcycles.

In the Indian marketplace, no brand of bikes is more competitive than Hero. It is because of more than two decades of successful legacy, and a wide range of two-wheelers for people of all age groups.

Most two-wheeler riders in India prefer to buy Hero vehicles and related bike spare parts online as well as offline as per their preference. It is because of the trust factor that the brand offers to people for all these years.

If you are looking to buy the preferred choice of Hero motorcycle to meet your daily commutation or adventure riding pleasure, then you must be careful while buying. There is no need to feel scared of buying your choice of motorcycle. But necessary precautions need to be considered first before laying hands on the one.

Ten Things to Keep In Mind While Buying a New Bike

1. Not researching the bike:

One of the common mistakes to avoid while buying a new motorcycle is not doing enough research on the vehicle. Sometimes, people feel attracted to the bike advertisement and are ready to buy the same at the showroom or online. At times, they end up making the wrong choice. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate the engine capacity, power, suspension, physical structure, mileage, and other elements of the selected bike before buying the same.

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2. Not asking about applicable discounts:

Leading two-wheeler manufacturing brands including Hero Motocorp always have some offers running up in the market. But most people forget to ask for a discount or any deal running at present. As a result, people end up spending more on a new motorcycle.

3. Not taking the test ride of a bike:

Just because the motorcycle is new. That does not mean, it’s good enough to meet your daily or particular riding requirements. Do not avoid the additional facility of taking a bike’s test ride before buying the same. Doing this will help you know its handling, balance, weight, and overall riding pleasure.

4. Find it attractive towards more engine capacity:

The bigger is the better is not always right. It is especially true when it comes to buying a new motorcycle of any particular brand. There is no such need to feel attracted towards higher engine capacity bikes. Especially when you think of riding a motorcycle for daily commutation. A bike with higher engine capacity does not provide you the required mileage and you spend a lot more then expected.

5. Keeping a close watch on the mileage:

Checking and asking about the motorcycle’s mileage is an imperative factor to foresee, how much you will spend at a later stage. Therefore, it is important to know the mileage of the selected two-wheeler before buying the same.

6. Making choice based on looks only:

Attractive looks of a motorcycle might be deceiving at times when you need something else and buy a different vehicle. That means, do not just look more than the physical appearance of a motorcycle before buying one. Do check the engine capacity, performance, mileage, suspension details, and more.

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7. Not taking the maintenance cost into concern:

Motorcycle maintenance is an important factor that must be taken into consideration before buying one. It’s easy to spend on a new motorcycle along with buying bike spare parts online. However, it might be expensive to maintain the overall running condition and performance of the bike. So, depending on your budget limit, you must ascertain the bike’s monthly maintenance cost and buy the one appropriately.

8. Buying the wrong bike model:

You should have a clear requirement for a bike before purchasing an ideal one. There is nothing worse than making a wrong motorcycle choice. You should have a clear idea of what to look into a selected bike and buy the same accordingly,

9. Not insuring your motorcycle:

A motorcycle without having valid insurance is a loss-making deal. From the legal point of view, it is mandatory to get your vehicle insured to easily bear the loss of an accident or a stolen bike.

10. Not wearing appropriate safety gear:

Another significant thing that must not be avoided at times of buying a new motorcycle is not laying hands on the safety riding gear. It includes a certified helmet, riding gloves, riding jacket, pants, and more.

Concluding Thoughts

Buying a new motorcycle is an ideal thing to meet your daily travel requirements cost-effectively. You can choose your own brand of bike and buy the same within a limited budget. While doing the same, you must avoid several things to make your bike owing process smooth and hassle-free. And in order to buy a Hero motorcycle, then drop by the eShop Hero Motocorp platform and book your vehicle online.

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