In today’s day and age, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. This has led to cut-throat competition between smartphone manufacturers trying to deliver the best smartphones to their users. With a plethora of tech giants competing and trying to outshine each other, it gets challenging to make a choice. 

What sets a smartphone apart from other smartphones is its value for money. Choosing a phone that provides the best possible features in its price band is essential. Basic research plays an important role in shortlisting the best-suited phone for yourself. You can get the Vivo y33s price at an affordable rate. There are also many Vivo new phone models available in the market. 

You must determine your intent behind using a smartphone. Identifying this solves half the problems, and you get clarity about what you need in the smartphone. It is worth noting that a good phone does not specialize in a single thing but provides the best features in a particular price range. We have a guide on choosing the best mobile phone. Read on to make your best buy.

  1. RELIABILITY: It is essential to focus more on the brand’s reliability while searching for phones. The perk of buying smartphones from reliable brands is timely servicing of the device if it malfunctions. Vivo is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to smartphones. Check Vivo’s new phones.
  1.  DURABILITY: The smartphone should have a sturdy and powerful built. At the same time, it should be portable, sleek and, easy to carry. It should not take up too much space. 
  1.  COST: It is necessary to set a budget before buying a smartphone. Buy something economical that fits your needs, and do not dig a hole in your pocket. Buy a smartphone that provides you value for money and the best features on a cumulative basis. Also, check Vivo Y33s price.
  1.  STORAGE: We use a variety of applications on a day-to-day basis. We download files, access data, save data, and whatnot. Always buy a phone that has a minimum of 32GB of storage. Later, an SD card can be incorporated to extend the storage if needed. Do not buy a phone offering storage of 16GB. 
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Video files and gaming applications require a lot of storage, and it is wise to invest in a phone providing more storage.

  1.  PROCESSOR: This is the most important factor for gaming fanatics and people using strenuous applications. The processor should be fast to complete tasks without interference. Activities like gaming require fast processors. Currently, Snapdragon, quad-core, and Exynos are some of the most efficient processors. The Vivo new phone models are the best option available. 
  1.  USER INTERFACE: The user interface should always be user-friendly and easy to operate. It should be well optimized and should not take up the entire screen or crowd it. It should be demand-oriented.
  1. CAMERA: The quality of the camera is not determined by the number of pixels, so do not be misled by the number of pixels offered by a smartphone. The Aperture and autofocus speed are essential features to determine the camera’s resolution. 
  2.  FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: A big phone does not guarantee abundant features. Do not get fooled by the size of the phone. It has nothing to do with the functionality of the phone. Ergonomics also matters. The phone should be portable but efficient in its functions.
  3.  SECURITY FUNCTIONS: Never compromise with the security functions that smartphones offer. We store a lot of valuable data daily, and it is of utmost importance for this data to stay unencrypted. Choose phones with security features like Fingerprint, face, and iris sensors.

10. DISPLAY: An ideal display should not exceed 5.5-6 inches. Glass covers are the new trendsetters so, do not forget to check them out. The Vivo new phone models have a better display. 

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Using this buying guide, you can now make your purchase smooth and hassle-free. To make your purchase affordable, you must buy your smartphone from the Bajaj Mall. The Bajaj Mall offers a wide range of top-selling smartphones from your favourite brand. Choose your favourite smartphone and pay for it using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card.

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