3 Strategies NDIS Service Providers can Implement to Improve Customer Service

NDIS service providers often struggle with managing NDIS participants, given the shortage of people offering disability support. Over the years, these support providers have stretched their resources, hurting their revenues, overworking employees and delivering substandard services. Therefore, it is a must that these providers take a step back and research ways to improve customer delivery and save time. Improving customer service also protects employees from burnout, giving them more time to support people with disabilities. The first step is getting insight into what customers value most when looking for services. 

Here we highlight three ways NDIS service providers can improve their support services and save time.

1: Building on Strengths to Meet Customer Needs

NDIS service providers either provide all-in-one services or focus on specialised services. In the quest to support more participants, some providers use more resources than they have. Therefore, you must consider doing things differently to keep your business afloat.

NDIS participants prioritise experience and specialisation when seeking service providers. Providing specialised services attracts more individuals because they are sure you will meet their needs. In addition, they understand that you are knowledgeable about their specific situation and have the resources to help. 

The vast population of people who need support makes finding specialised services challenging. Therefore, focusing on one area streamlines operation efficiency and increases customer satisfaction.

2: Simplifying Customer Service through Transparency

Most internet users today consider it the number one source for finding anything they need. Even NDIS participants use the internet to search for NDIS service providers. As a result, it has reduced face-to-face interaction with other participants who might give referrals.

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Using internet searches to maintain visibility among participants may confuse and frustrate customers. Therefore, if you want to save your time and that of the participants, consider simplifying access to support services. Customer services are stretched out, given the numerous calls, emails and messages they receive daily from customers.

Consequently, customers booking appointments will have to wait for the backlog to reduce. One way to simplify NDIS plan management is by being upfront with information on services, costs and opening hours. Transparency reduces waiting time for customers who may feel your services are not for them. In addition, your customer support services will efficiently serve customers without having a backlog of inquiries to process.

3: Using software for manual tasks

Technology is transforming service delivery in various ways, including in the NDIS. NDIS service providers who value customer satisfaction and efficiency should consider incorporating technology in handling customers. Various forms of automation can help streamline bookings, communication and invoicing.

These tools handle administrative tasks to reduce workload, providing NDIS workers with more time to serve customers. However, running such technology in-house creates more challenges. Imagine using rostering tools, NDIS CRM, invoicing software, and communication tools as single applications.

This situation is a recipe for failure considering you will have numerous apps to use, affecting information consistency. To avoid such problems, it is beneficial to use built-in software for NDIS providers. Such software combines all support elements on one platform to support your workforce.

While this reduces administration work for NDIS plan management, it also reduces stress for back-of-house workers. Although the upfront costs of these systems are higher, you will retain a huge chunk of your profits when revenues start going up.

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Improving customer service is a priority for any NDIS provider who expects to remain competitive. NDIS participants will always pick support providers who are convenient, caring and reliable. With the factors listed above, service providers can slowly build a strong customer service team that is productive and approachable. Using purpose-built NDIS software ensures everyone works together to ensure NDIS funds are put to effective use.

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