3 Tips To Reset iPhone Without Passcode

Hey users, as you know, owning an iPhone means owning the security of your data. Obviously, you don’t want anyone to access the data that you have stored in your iPhone without your permission. That’s why you set up a strong password to protect your information. And put six-digit passcode to get completely secure. But sometimes it becomes hard to remember and guess.

If someone steals your iPhone, then he cannot access your data until knows the passcode or all the information has been deleted. So, it’s a good feature, but it can irritate you if you forget your code. So, yes, we are here to sort this out. In this article, we’ll look at how to factory reset iPhone without a password for free.

Why Do You Need To Reset iPhone Without Passcode?

We know that it never be good news for you to forget your iPhone passcode since erasing your iPhone data is the only method if you are not able to recall your iPhone password. By reset iPhone without a passcode, you can remove your iPhone’s old password on your iOS device, and then you can set up your iPhone’s new passcode. And if your iPhone is stolen and you want to secure your private information, then there is only one option to erase your iPhone without a password.

Sometimes, the reasons may be different for deleting everything on iPhone without a password. No matter what it is, you can use the following to get it done.

How To Factory Reset iPhone Without Password For Free?

Mainly there are three effective ways to Reset iPhone Without Passcode including using a professional iPhone unlocker tool, iTunes, and iCloud. Usage of these tools depends on your needs and your iPhone setting. So, read the steps of tools carefully therefore you will find the best option to reset your iPhone quickly.

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Note: If you don’t have a backup of your iPhone device, then you will lose all of your phone data. And also remember one thing erasing your iPhone data will remove your screen lock password, not the apple id and its passcode. So, want to continue your device you should remember your Apple ID account information.


How To Factory Reset iPhone Without Password For Free?

If you don’t want to use iTunes, you can try the iPhone unlocker- EaseUs MobiUnlock to reset your iPhone without passcode. This will reset your iPhone including your screen password.

Step 1

Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer and run EaseUs MobiUnlock. And click start to proceed.

Step 2 

Download the updated version of firmware software for your device. Once the downloading part is done, click to Install Firmware.

Step 3

Now, to continue the process, click verify Firmware.

Step 4

After completion of the verification process, click on Unlock.  In a new pop-up warning window, fill the required information and click Unlock again.

Step 5

You are about to complete the process. Now, wait for this program to reset and format your device. Afterward, you can use your iPhone without entering a password.

How To Factory Reset iPhone Without Password For Free Using iTunes?

Many of you entered the wrong password too many times, due to which your iPhone will be locked forever. But, Don’t worry using iTunes you can unlock your iPhone. Obviously, iTunes is the official way to reset your iPhone. Before using iTunes be sure that you have installed the latest version of iTunes on your computer then follow the step given below to Reset iPhone Without Passcode

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Connect your iPhone with your computer.

Step 2

Download and install iTunes to your pc. 

Step 3 

Open iTunes and enter the recovery mode then connect your iPhone to your computer while holding the side button or, volume down button, until you see the recovery-mode screen.

Step 4

Wait for iTunes to launch automatically.

Step 5

Now, choose to restore in the iTunes window and then wait for iTunes to download software for your device. After that, just follow the instruction in iTunes to format your iPhone.

How to Reset iPhone Without Passcode using iCloud?

If you have enabled Find My iPhone on your locked phone then using iCloud can be beneficial. iCloud can help you in two ways. Either you can go to iCloud to erase your iPhone lock or go to another Apple device that uses the same Apple ID as you are using in locked iPhone.

Step 1

Go to iCloud and enter your Apple ID and passcode. Or you can open the Find my device app on another device that uses the same Apple ID that is used in locked iPhone.

Step 2

Follow the steps and erase the device:

  • If you go to iCloud.com then choose-  Find iPhone > all devices> select the iPhone which you want to erase and then click on ‘Erase iPhone’.
  • If you use the Find my app, then go to the Devices tab and open the app, click the name of the locked iPhone. Then scroll down and choose ‘Erase this device’.

Step 3

Now wait for the process to finish, When it has sone then you need to set up your device to use it again.

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In The End

So, as you have learned 3 ways to format your iPhone device, it is not going to be difficult so far. And these are the most frequently used method that people use to reset iPhones without passwords. They are also useful if you want to factory reset your locked device, unlock a disabled iPhone, and unlock your iPhone if you forgot the password. In the end, you are aware of what to do and how to Reset iPhone Without a Passcode, It can be complex but if you follow the steps as written above then you definitely handle this issue easiily. One more thing, try to set the passcode that is somewhat related to you so that this situation will not rise again. All the best! 

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