4 ways in which parents can help make online classes more effective for their kids

In a traditional classroom setup, teachers can go the extra mile to create an ideal environment for learning. But when it comes to live online classes, the responsibility of creating the perfect environment for the child falls on the parent too. 

Studying in virtual online classes can get quite distracting for children. Thus, it becomes quite essential to pay attention to them and create an ideal learning environment. Studying on an online learning platform is rapidly gaining a lot of attention as it offers so many benefits.

We are here to provide you with four tips that will help your little munchkins to engage and learn more in a live online class. 

Four tips to make live online classes more effective    

To make sure that your kids make the most out of a live online class, every member of the family needs to work in a team. As long as everyone works together and puts in an equal amount of effort, your child will have no problem adjusting to this new method of learning. 

  1. Create a fixed spot for your child

Designate a fixed place for your child from where they can attend virtual online classes. Make sure the place you decide is free from distractions and noises. For instance, living rooms are perhaps the worst place to host a meeting. The place should be well-lit and should receive abundant sunlight and fresh air. If that is not possible for you to arrange, you can always go for halogen bulbs as it puts less strain on the eyes. 


Ensure that the room does not have fluorescent bulbs, as it strains the eyes and can also tire the kids. Ensure that every study material, from books, headphones, stationery, and chargers, is in close vicinity. 

  1. Set daily targets

Teach your kids why it is important to set daily targets in an online live class. This will help them avoid procrastination and stay motivated to learn and engage more during classes. You can also teach them how to create a plan so that they can learn how to prioritize and accomplish their targets. This will be quite helpful for kids as they will learn which topics to give more attention to and how to complete their work on time. 

  1. Let them enjoy and have fun

The old saying that “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy” holds quite true for live online classes. When a child is continuously engaged in academic studies, they are likely to get bored with their lessons. It is always a good idea to enroll them in some extra-curricular activities which will help them explore, pursue a hobby, and encourage their creativity. 

Meeko, an online learning platform, is an ideal place for kids. Your child will have access to different types of activities taught to them by the best educators in the country. Let them have some fun while they also learn important skills that will give a big boost to their career.  

  1. Teach them the code of conduct 

Since children of today’s generation are intensely using technology to communicate, it is essential for them to know the rules of conduct in an online world. As a parent, this responsibility falls upon you so that your child is not being disrespectful to someone just because they are not physically present. For instance, it is not appropriate for kids to switch off their mike when someone is saying something. Knowing how to behave and being respectful will help your kid go a long way in their life. 

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These four tips will help your child enjoy and engage more during a live class. Also, do not take too much stress – Kids are better familiar with technology than we can ever be. 

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