4 ways To make your Instagram profile Gain followers faster

How many times were you questioning yourself before putting forward a new post: “Can I do better? Is there a hack that I can use to attract more followers and more likes to my posts? Why is everything moving so slow?” Those doubts are following everybody who is trying to develop their page on IG today, as this platform has become a home to many talented and experienced content creators. But newcomers are always going to be there, and they are always going to need some help; this is why we have decided to create this text and talk about the main tools that you can use to give your Insta page a head start and boost your popularity from the very beginning. We will be speaking about 3 free and 1 paid (a chance to buy Instagram followers) methods that are going to give your page a great boost no matter the current situation.

Free tools

Those are great for everybody – they don’t require any investments or much effort, all you need is to sit down and create a “blueprint” of your profile following the principles that we are going to give in this paragraph. Be attentive and follow all of them to get your first results on IG.

  • If you’re a business account or a small brand, you should definitely make the right use of hashtags. Firstly, you need to collect the general hashtags correctly – while doing that, try to think like your audience. Which words do you think they would use to find your content? Write them down in a long list. Then start filtering them starting from the widest term and moving to the narrowest one. Leave specifics for the last positions – those should include names, dates, locations, etc. After that filter them one more time and leave 10-15 hashtags that vibe with your content the most. Don’t overuse this option and never put 30 tags in one post. This is going to make it look like spam, and people won’t want to read such publications for sure. After all of that is done and ready, think of your own unique hashtag. This thing is essential for accounts that already have some followers, but it is best to start branding your content from the very start, so put some thought and creativity into it and pin it after each post that contains info about your product or service.

  • Share lively photos. Try to avoid using stock pictures, as these are perceived by most people as “dead” and unappealing. The only condition that should be met is that all of those photos have to be of good quality. But in general, you can show whatever you as a creator find interesting – the life of a brand behind the scenes, for example, always gets lots of attention from the audience. Show some personal life as well, it will make people more familiar with you as a creator and will cause more emotions than just a recurrent post with a description of your product or service. Don’t be afraid to share and always call people for action and discussion. Try to interact with them as if they were your friends. It always bribes and grooms people to choose you as their favorite content creator.

  • Choose the right timing. Yes, it might seem like an impossible thing to do, but the audience becomes accustomed to a certain time when their favorite content creator posts, and sometimes people are even singing in at a certain time to make sure that they don’t miss anything. This is a thing to strive for – start with figuring out at what time a big blogger in your niche is usually posting their posts; trust us, they know what they are doing. Use this information to create your own posting schedule, but don’t blindly copy it – make your own adjustments and corrections to it. Also, it is quite important to figure out how many times a week or a month you’re going to post reels and IGTVs. Those two formats can bring many new subs to your profile, so make sure that you’re paying enough attention to those ones as well.
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Paid tools

Those three principles are the keys to a stable page and starting to gain your first subs. But what do you do, if you need quicker results if you need them right now? Well, you can take advantage of the possibility to buy real Instagram followers – but you have to keep in mind several very important nuances to not make any mistakes there.

The thing is, today there are many scammers online who are claiming that they sell high-quality services while giving people bots as followers. This is unnecessary and even dangerous. IG sees how many active and fake subs each profile has and picks the posts of those people who have more active subs to recommend them to other people. And this is a tool that provides many new subscribers and builds up your reputation as a blogger. If your entire page is filled with fake followers that have no activity to them, you will get no good results whatsoever. But – if you purchase real subs, things are going to be completely different for you. Genuine subs are going to bring your page very quickly, make algorithms show your posts and recommended ones way more often, and your reputation is going to become only better.

So, if you have made a decision to turn to paid services for support, make sure that you check what a certain website sells and look up the info about the process of delivery before giving anybody your money. You can also use a free trial if there is such, to see what quality services a company provides. However, if you don’t have time for such research, you can use the links that we have given you in this text. Those will do great and will save you time, nerve and money.

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