5 Things You Must Follow When Riding Hero Splendor BS6

Hero Splendor BS6 is one of the best-selling commuter motorcycles in India, with a rich historical past of more than twenty-five years. A majority of commuter riders prefer to ride this ergonomic and performance-oriented 97.2CC entry-level motorcycle daily with ease. In fact, when you look at the city streets, the maximum range of motorcycles you find is Splendor BS6 on the road. And, it displays, the widespread popularity and extensive adoption of this stylish and fuel-efficient motorcycle.

In case, you already have Splendor with you or looking to buy one, then you should know the five important service checklist points. It is due to the fact that maintaining your motorcycle is an important aspect to experience seamless riding pleasure ahead.

Here, in this blog, we will be sharing an essential service checklist of Hero Splendor to best maintain your bike. By following the tips, you can buy the relevant spare parts and online bike accessories with ease and comfort.

Five important Hero Splendor maintenance checklists to follow

Here, in this part, we will be talking about five crucial points to best take care of your 100CC commuter motorcycle. And, look forward to having a cost-effective and comfortable riding pleasure ahead.

1. Check the tire pressure of Splendor and maintain them

When it comes to taking care of your Splendor motorcycle, the very first thing you should follow is tire maintenance. Undoubtedly, tires are important components of bikes that make them move around destinations. It is important to look after the tire’s condition at regular intervals and maintain them with relevant care and attention.

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To maintain the Splendor’s tire, make sure to follow the below-mentioned tips.

  • Check the air pressure before moving air and if it is on the lower side, then fill up at the nearest fuel station.
  • Check for rust around the wheels and repair the same.
  • Do inspect for any holes, wear and tear on the tires that might demand repair or complete replacement.
  • At least, refill the tire once every week to maintain the riding performance.

Surely speaking, with the help of the above-mentioned tips, you can best take care of Splendor tire condition to an optimum extent.

2. Take care of the bike’s service schedule

Several bike owners do not pay much heed to servicing the two-wheeler as per the scheduled timeline. This might be because of not finding enough time to drop the bike at the service station, a busy schedule, or fully neglecting this essential part. As a result of this, the performance of motorcycles started declining with first things like decreased mileage capacity, improper running conditions, mechanical glitches, and more.

You must keep in mind that regular Splendor servicing ensures long-lasting performance and that too cost-effectively. If you keep on ignoring the service, then you end up spending more money on the repair and parts replacement. Therefore, it is essential to remember or note down the Splendor service timeline and book the service. Not only this, you have the flexibility to buy bike spare parts online for a replacement and give the same to the service center partner with ease.

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3. Check the mileage capacity of the bike and maintain it

Mileage is an integral factor, responsible for the remarkable sales of Hero Splendor BS6 at the Indian marketplace. In reality, the fuel efficiency of Splendor is one of the maintain reasons for its widespread craze and sales in the market. But to experience it, you need to maintain it.

Tips to maintain optimum fuel-efficiency of Hero Splendor

  • Servicing the bike right on time.
  • Changing the engine oil at regular intervals.
  • Not always filling the petrol till full.
  • Adding required lubrication on the chain system.
  • Avoid undesired acceleration and movement of the clutch.
  • Do not overspend on empty roads.
  • Maintain the tire pressure.

4. Do inspect the brakes and fill up the gear oil

Oils form an important part of any motorcycle, including that of the Splendor BS6 variant. Brake oil, engine oil, and gear oil provide the required lubrication effect to the parts and ensure hassle-free movement. To ensure it, you need to fill up the required oils on time.

For instance, you should change the engine oil of Splendor every 800-1000 km. Replace the old brake oil after every quarter and the same goes with the gear oil. And, if the need arises, then do replace the brake lever, brake wire, gear level, gear pedal, and wire accordingly.

5. Maintain the battery power to ensure hassle-free working

The battery is like the soul of your Hero Splendor BS6 motorcycle. It provides the necessary electric power to the bike and ensures seamless functioning of self-start lights, and horn. Over a period of time, the battery loses its charge when riding the bike for several kilometers on a daily basis. Even the battery charge degrades when you add extra lighting accessories to it. So, it is of essential matter to always charge up the battery and ride comfortably.

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Concluding Thoughts

Hero Splendor is a versatile motorcycle and perfect for daily commutation along with sometimes for long-riding pleasure. Buy Splendor online at the eShop Hero Motocorp platform along with easy accessibility of genuine spare parts and accessories. It will help you best maintain the bike to an optimum extent and reach your destination well on time.

Simply, follow the above-mentioned maintenance checklist to ride your Splendor in a hassle-free manner. And, save your maintenance cost ahead.

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