5 Ways To Diagnose & Fix Electrical Problems In 100CC Motorcycle

Have you ever experienced the electrical failure of your commuter special 100CC motorcycle? If yes, then you have come to the right place knowing the reason behind the unexpected electrical break down of your bike. There could be many reasons of facing such an unexpected condition of electrical breakdown of your commuter motorcycle. Perhaps, you need to buy bike spare parts online with respect to the specific electrical accessories or even the battery.

So, here in this blog, we will be discussing five common reasons that your motorcycle could be experiencing some uncalled electrical failure. And the same must be fixed with the help of a professional automotive partner.

Let’s get started on the same.

Five ways to diagnose your entry-level motorcycle electrical failure problem

1. Battery-related issue

First and foremost reason that you could think up for the electrical issue with your commuter motorcycle is due to the battery-related failure. There might be the case that battery does not have required charge in it and your motorcycle fails to start started by using the self-start option. In general, it is mandatory that a bike’s battery must be having 12Volts of charge with having no such load of lights, horns, and even the iginition. In case, the charge of your bike’s battery comes around to be 10.5 volts, then its a clear signs of one of the cells not working or already broke down.

Thus, the solution lies with repairing the 100CC motorcycle battery with the help of a professional battery partner, give it for full charge, and even replace the broken cells with ones. And there could be an instance of replacing the old battery with a new product as per your bike’s requirement.

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2. Ground wires might got burned

The electrical supply inside your daily commuting 100CC motorcycle completely depends on the large scale of ground wires. You might not know at the first place as which wire has burned down or have no such electrical power and supply to your bike. As a result of this, your motorcycle might face total breakdown and unable to start. There could be a case of some electrical components of motorcycle fail to work as per the required standards.

No matter what, the faulty wires can create a big starting and running problem in your motorcycle. Also, further impact your riding performance to an optimum extent. Thus, the solution lies with first checking the ground wires condition and then replacing the same new and high voltage wires.

3. Issue with the regulator or rectifier

One of the two important electrical components of your motorcycle are regulator and rectifier. Both

the electrical components perform the integral function of supplying power to the battery that further helps in starting the motorcycle. A rectifier helps in converting the AC power from the alternator and then convert the same into DC power that further supplies to the battery of your motorcycle. On the other side, the regulator ensures the fact that voltage is delivered for a specific time frame. And the battery works well as per the expectation.

There might be an intance that either regulatror or the rectifier fails to perform as per the expected level and even both got breakdown unexpectedly. In such a case, you have no option left but to change the rectifier and regulator by purchasing genuine set of products with no further delay.

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4. Stator problem

Another major component which is responsible for an electrical issue with your motorcycle is the stator. Its an essential motorcycle spare part that performs the vital function of supplying charging power to the battery which is then transfered to the bike to get started on time, switch on the lights, and do other relevant things. In case, the stator fails to work on time, then certainly battery might not function properly as per the desired set of requirement. So, once again the solution lies with unplugging the stator and plug-in to check its performance and even replace the part by buying a genuine set of product.

5. Main fuse is not working

Last but not the last, the overall electrical performance of your motorcycle relies on one small yet important component is the fuse. A metal spare part that performs the function of generating the necessary electric current and helps your motorcycle to function properly. After continuous usage of motorcycle while covering several kilometers, the fuse might attract greasy substance, dirt, and dust. Even fail to generate the required electric power which is required for the motorcycle to get started. Thus, the solution lies with changing the fuse with a new product without making any further delay.

Concluding Thoughts

Breaking down of bike’s engine, spare part, or any electrical component can happen at any point in time. Specifically, most electric failures will prevent your bike to start on time and cover the required set of distance. Therefore, it is essential to keep bike’s electrical parts check during the servicing, buy accessories online, and perform end-to-end maintenance to ensure hassle-free ride. For the purpose of buying genuine quality 100CC Hero bike spare parts and accessories, simply rely on the platform of eShop Hero Motocorp online. Its a platform that helps you buy genuine quality and cost-effective range of Hero bikes spare parts, accessories, and even buy new motorcycle online without facing any hassle.

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