8 Effective Ways To Ride An Adventure Motorcycle Safely

Riding an off-roading motorcycle is an experience in itself. Nothing compares to the fun and excitement of riding across unknown trails, highways, and sand ways. No matter, if you have planned to take on short rides during weekends or thinking to book the next 15 days for an adventure riding experience. It is essential to become aware of necessary safety riding tips and tricks.

Of course, riding an adventure motorcycle, like that of Hero Xpulse 200 4V is completely different than riding a commuter bike. An ADV is tall on ground clearance, features robust functionalities, straight riding position, and certainly requires loads of practice to cover the required distance.,

Undoubtedly, it will be fun to ride the Hero Xpulse 200 4V or any other dual-sport motorcycle of your choice. But getting a good grasp on the riding ways is essential to maintain an optimum level of security and protectiveness.

So, here in this blog, you will get to know eight essential tips to ride your ADV safely and comfortably across distances.

Eight protective ways to ride an adventure motorcycle

  1. Learn to stand up at times

You might have witnessed all the adventure motorcycle riders stand up while riding at times. They do not do the same to look cool but to seamlessly cross an uneven pathway with ease and comfort. Standing on the pegs gives adventure riders a much-required advantage to look beyond the road and plan their travel ahead. The robust pegs of ADV can ideally withstand the weight of a rider without affecting the bike’s balance.

If you are thinking to ride an ADV across difficult trails, then learn to stand up while riding when taking a few precautionary measures in mind.

  • Slightly bend your legs when standing on the ADV pegs and look ahead to see the far area.
  • It is essential to keep the balls of your feet firm on the pegs to maintain the right set of balance.
  • Keep your arms loose to stand ideally on the legs.
  • Do not try to take the turn when riding in the standing position.
  • Another important thing is to keep your body loose.
  1. Wear the right gear
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Wearing the right gear is something you cannot afford to miss when heading towards an adventure motorcycle riding experience. It is essential to stay protected and properly dressed when riding in different weather conditions.

Concerning the same, you must invest in a protective riding jacket, pants, boots, gloves, sunglasses, certified helmet, rain cover, and more. The focus here is not to make you feel loaded with different riding gear accessories. But the purpose here is to make you feel protective and safe when crossing difficult pathways.

Buy online bike riding gear, specifically for your adventure ride without even leaving the very comfort of home. Depending on the budget and requirement, you can lay hands on a 2-layer or a 3-layer protective riding jacket and pants to ensure end-to-end safety.

  1. Add the necessary accessories

Another important thing to consider when riding an adventure motorcycle is adding the necessary choice of accessories. When riding an off-road bike, you will be needing some extra choices of accessories to ensure riding comfort and safety. For instance, you can buy accessories online that include things like a rucksack, tank bag, rain cover, extra set of fog lights, reflectors, and the list goes on.

Make sure that you will be needing such accessories to make your adventure riding experience all the more comfortable and seamless ahead. It is important to stay safe and enjoy your ride to the fullest while covering the required choices of destinations.

  1. Know how to hit the brakes

Despite the adventure motorcycle being a robust choice to cover an extensive line distance across places, its braking must be handled carefully. Of course, a motorcycle like Hero Xpulse 200 4V comes packed with front-disk brakes to ensure safe braking to the fullest. However, there is no such need to apply the front brakes at every single turn, stoppage, and twist. Gain the practice of using your bike’s rear brakes quite often to ensure optimum riding safety.

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You can start practicing the off-road motorcycle braking system while riding in dust or sand to know the difference. While riding on such surfaces, you will get to know the importance of gently slowing down your motorcycle with no hassle at all.

  1. Work on your body posture

It is imperative to maintain your riding position on the adventure motorcycle to ensure optimum riding comfort. And that too when covering a great deal of distance. As per the expert advice, you should keep your arms relaxed when riding along with the knees end and touched towards the fuel tank to ensure optimum traction.

Another important thing is transferring your weight towards the front side of the motorcycle when applying brakes. On the other side, shift towards the rear side when you wish to make your front-side lightweight in nature.

One of the ideal riding positions you need to follow is keeping your hands straight while your elbow pointing outwards. Also, at the handlebar, keep your inner fingers holding the brake levers along with the clutch to ensure a seamless riding experience ahead.

  1. Learn to take smooth turns

One of the important things that every adventure rider wishes to learn is taking smooth turns on the sand, mountain roads, and other difficult-to-ride pathways. Believe the fact that taking turns is one of the important adventure bike riding skills that you need to master in advance.

When riding across the hillside, you will experience steep curves and twisted turns every now and then. Of course, riding in your lane is the mandatory thing to follow. Apart from this, you must slowly take turns while pushing your body weight toward the front side of the motorcycle. Doing this will help you maintain the required traction on the road.

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Even turning in the dirt requires you to follow the same thing when turning. Once again, keep your body weight over to the front side of the bike.

  1. Keep up the front part light

For many people, riding a heavy adventure motorcycle could be problematic at times. It feels quite a hassle to turn and stand your fully-loaded motorcycle on different pathways. The solution lies in keeping your front part lightweight and adding luggage on the rear side of the seat. Doing this will help you take seamless turns on distinctive road conditions. Especially, riding comfortably in the sand by keeping the front-part light and staying heavy on the throttle. The key here is to make the front tire light enough to move in different directions with ease.

  1. Look at the front always

Lastly, a key thumb rule to safely ride an adventure motorcycle is always to look at the front and keep your eyes straight on the road ahead. There is no such need to gaze the eyes on the front wheel or sideways, especially when taking difficult twists and turns. Look ahead to see as far as possible to plan your ride ahead and stay in protective mode. Also, no such need to ignore the rear side of the motorcycle along with the road. You can best rely on the rear-view mirrors to keep checking at the rear side.

Concluding Thoughts

Make your adventure riding experience all the more comfortable and hassle-free by investing in Hero genuine parts online along with accessories. It is required when you have finalized to ride Hero Xpulse 200 4V towards numerous off-beat terrains. Simply drop at the eShop Hero Motocorp platform to buy high-quality Hero bike spare parts, accessories, and even motorcycles.

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