A Complete Guide to Open .AAE Files On Widows

We all are aware of JPEG, GIF, JPG format files. But have you ever heard about .aae files? Commonly, .AAE files are found on iOS 8 and macOS 10.10 systems. Many times, iPhone users got stuck transferring their photos to windows. On iPhone devices, the photo could be named as IMG_123.AAE. And on windows devices, it is impossible to open .AAE photos directly with a photo viewer or in a window. If the user opens these files it shows a blank icon or they got a message “ Windows Cannot Open This File”. Isn’t that sound confusing? Of course, yes, it can be confusing for many windows users. And as a resolution to this confusion, we are here back with another blog, in which we will learn about how to open .aae files.  

What does the .AAE file stand for?

AAE file might stand for Apple Aperture Edits or Apple Aperture Extension. It was introduced in ios 8 and, Mac OS X 10.

What is .AAE file?

AAE files are used in ios devices, Apple photos applications use this to track the information about the changes that you have created in the photo. Whenever, you edit an image it creates an XML (eXtensible Markup Language) file with an aae extension, that contains information of the editing that was performed in the photo, so that photo can be recovered without any changes by clicking undone. AAE files also can be called AAE sidecars.

How To Open .Aae Files?

Most of the time people are stuck while opening aae files on the window and android. And receives an error message ‘The file format is invalid’. Have you faced the same situation? Don’t worry, this blog will provide you step by step process to open aae files in windows.

  • Step 1: In the first step, you need to upload your photo or aae files to Dropbox.
  • Step 2: Now, download the images in JPEG format and mail them to yourself.
  • Step 3: Login, your mail on the window and android devices, and download the images.
  • Step 4: Now the file is ready to open in JPEG format and you can open it with any photo editor app on your device.
  • Step 5: Upload the files as the first step to Dropbox.
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How do I convert AAE files to JPEG format?

AAE files store the edits in the format of XML. That means, when you try to change some effects in your photo on an Apple device, it saves in AAE format, instead of a JPEG file. As AAE files are the latest version of IOS and MACOS, and they can’t be open in windows and android.

However, you have to convert the edits stored in text format in AAE files to JPEG, before transferring your images. It can be done in four ways.

  1. The first method to convert AAE files to JPEG format is, open your image apart from the native photos app because AAE files only exist in photo galleries, thus you need to edit an image through another app. Then, changes get saved as a new JPEG file with the AAE extension.
  2. The second method is, edit your images in the native app. Then, send it yourself through email. Now download and save it to your device- It will be saved as a new JPEG file.
  3. The third method is, you can share edited images via many apps such as messenger, WhatsApp, and telegram and now download them and save them as new JPEG files.
  4. The fourth method is, use third-party software to convert AAE files to JPEG format such as Convertimage.net. 

How To Recover .Aae Images?

If you have deleted your AAE image by mistake, then don’t worry, you can retrieve them easily. To recover your .aae files, follow the below simples methods.  

  • First, you need to download the iPhone data recovery program and double click on the .exe file in your download, and install it on your device.
  • Now you need to connect your iPhone to the device and scan it to find the deleted and lost photos on it. You can also find your deleted data in the data recovery software. Now have to select those files which you want to retain from program to device.
  • Then click on apply or preview and recover deleted images from the software.
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Should I keep or Delete AAE files?

Many people ask should I keep or delete aae files. Deleting the aae files from windows will not have an adverse effect on your system because the window hasn’t default program to open aae files.

So, currently, aae files on Windows serve very little purpose as they can’t be used. You can delete aae files manually. On another side, they are so small around 2 or 3 kb, you can also leave them.

How to delete AAE files from iPhone?

On iOS, you don’t actually modify the original picture file when you edit a photo. It just overlays the changes you made on top of the image like a transparency layer. These modifications are saved in a sidecar XML file.

Basically, the changes are stored as text in the AAE file, which can be reversed and the original image is never physically altered. All of your photo modifications would be lost if you deleted the AAE files.

What is AAE file format and its advantages?

AAE files are saved in the disc as XML files format which can be readable by humans. It means that XML file format can be opened in any text editor applications such as Apple Text editor, macOS, Microsoft Notepad on windows and Notepad++, etc.

The main advantage of using the .aae file is that the original format of the image cannot be modified when doing some changes in the photo.

So this is all about aae File, We have covered almost all your doubts in this blog. You have learned how to open aae file in windows, its advantages, how to delete aae files, how to convert aae file into JPEG, and so on. However, if you want to read more interesting topics stay connected with us. 

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