Follow The Best Way to Check Bike Valuation For Reselling Quickly

The usage of two-wheeler in India has grown to an exponential extent. And it is due to jam-packed traffic conditions prevailing at most locations and people find it imperative to reach their official or personal space on time. That’s the reason, most working individuals in India lay hands on a specific choice of motorcycle or a scooter to streamline their travel purpose. And to save time, effort, and traveling costs to an optimum extent.

Undoubtedly, the sale of two-wheelers in the country is rising rapidly due to the traveling ease, comfort, and affordability point of view. And there is another section of people who are looking to sell bikes online or offline at the best-expected price.

Well, buying a new motorcycle is altogether different from reselling your existing motorcycle. For the reselling purpose, you need to make an extra set of efforts. The very first thing that you need to perform is to check the bike valuation at a reliable platform. And there is no better place to check motorcycle value than at a reliable online platform like Wheels of Trust (WOT).

Online platforms provide a great deal of comfort factor not just for checking the used bike valuation in a matter of few seconds. It further helps in deciding whether to sell your bike at present or do some cosmetic changes in the same to increase its value. No matter what, you ought to utilize an online motorcycle valuation checking platform like WOT to make a final decision ahead.

So, here in this blog, we will let you know how to check second-hand bike prices on WOT platform. But before that let’s check out what is the fair market price of your used ride.

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Without any further ado, let’s get started on the same.

What you should know about the Fair Market Price of a used motorcycle?

Price is the factor that does not remain the same in the case of checking a used motorcycle or a scooter value. Every two-wheeler has a different market value price based on its overall physical condition, running performance, mileage efficiency, and mechanical stability. Apart from this, 100 to 125CC bikes have a better resale market owing to the rise in the numbers of daily motorcycle commuters across areas.

On the other side, more and more people like to lay hands on well-conditioned 150 to 200CC used motorcycles for an enhancing riding experience across cities and off-beat destinations. Therefore, the Fair Market Price of any used motorcycle depends on its engine capacity and the above-mentioned factors. So, it is imperative on your part to check the valuation first before you decide to sell the bike online or to any potential buyer of your choice.

Things to know about WOT platform

Wheels of Trust (WOT) is a second-hand bike or a scooter selling feature of the Hero Motocorp brand. The service allows existing two-wheeler owners to first check motorcycle value and based on the price, sell the same to this brand itself, and that too without going anywhere else.

The largest two-wheeler manufacturing brand is offering this service to lessen the burden of bike owners to easily resale the same and avail of the profit-oriented bike exchange offer. And it further allows motorcycle owners to buy Hero bikes online at the best-discounted price.

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This reliable auto consultant certainly makes the life of scooter and motorcycle owners go easy by offering a readymade platform to sell the vehicle in a short time. Instead of running door-to-door across different offline second-hand bike buyers and other vendors, simply trust the reliable service offering of WOT platform.

Follow easy steps to check motorcycle value online

Performing old motorcycle valuations is not a hassle anymore. It has become a simple process to know the current valuation of any brand of bike or scooter online. All you have to do is access the WOT platform and follow the below-mentioned steps.

· Fill out the required information about your existing two-wheeler in terms of State, city, type of two-wheeler (motorcycle, scooter, or a moped), two-wheeler brand, model, and registration number along with the year of manufacturing.

· Once all such details are entered, then you will be asked to provide the real-time condition of your two-wheeler. And that too in terms of physical outlook, paintwork, mileage capacity, and other relevant factors.

· After sharing the same information, then an expert inspecting professional of Hero Motocorp brand will reach your place to perform an end-to-end inspection.

· Once that is done, then you will get to know the exact resale value of your motorcycle or scooter and then decide to sell it.

Key benefits of knowing used bike valuation

You should be aware of the top benefits of knowing the current valuation of your second-hand two-wheeler online.

· Checking the valuation of your used vehicle will provide a general idea of knowing what’s going on in the industry. You will get to know which brand of the motorcycle has a better valuation.

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· Selling your existing motorcycle online will further help you avail of the exchange price offer and meet your purpose of owning a new two-wheeler with ease.

· You can even check the depreciation value of the existing two-wheeler. Depreciation value means the reselling price of a used scooter or a bike that keeps on decreasing over a period of time.

Final Note

Using an online platform to check motorcycle value is the simplest thing to know the real-time value of your vehicle before reselling. It’s a fast and efficient way to speed up the process of reselling your bike and further buy a new one with ease. Concerning the same, do access the Wheels of Trust (WOT) platform to check valuation and get an affordable bike exchange offer.

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