Habits That Are Damaging Your Car

Most motorists want to get as many miles out of their vehicle as possible without encountering any major issues. However, the truth is that most individuals do not maintain their vehicles. As long as it gets them where they need to go, they don’t bother cleaning it or giving it any consideration. Most of us don’t realise that our careless actions might damage your car by years—these range in scale from little to much more substantial. 

The first step in preventing damage to your vehicle is realising that you are causing it harm through the methods listed below. Please use the following checklist as a good guide. Also you must invest in the best car accessories online to protect your car. Read more about locksmith services perry.

Ways You’re Damaging Your Car

Smacking into Potholes

While it’s true that certain places have more severe pothole issues than others, the fact remains that potholes are a widespread problem. Additionally, road gashes may cause more discomfort than just a rough ride. Potholes are hazardous to your vehicle’s suspension, steering, and alignment when driven over directly.

If you want to avoid potholes, cautious driving and vigilance are essential. Just slow down to avoid swerving into oncoming traffic at the last second to avoid a pothole. Also don’t forget to use car cleaning cloth to clear the mess. 

Neglecting Car Warm Up

In the category of “damaging your car,” this is one that almost everyone has committed at some point. When we say “rushing into gear and taking off,” we mean not letting the automobile warm up enough after starting it. This is terrible for the car’s engine in any condition, but it’s extremely taxing on the system when the temperature drops. 

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A vehicle’s oil does not lubricate the engine as efficiently when it is cold, and the other components of an engine are also optimised for use within a narrow temperature range. Newer models of automobiles warm up considerably quicker than older ones, but you should still wait a minute or two before getting behind the wheel.

Leaving The Parking Brake Unengaged

Did you know that you should always apply your parking brake? It makes no difference whether the ground is level or steep. While putting your car into “Park” will prevent it from moving, the Parking Brake is what will really halt the wheels from moving. A parking brake used before shifting into the park might relieve some of the workloads on the drivetrain.

Transferring From Reverse To Drive Without Pausing

We’ve all done it; in a rush, we’ve flipped the switch to “Drive” while the automobile was still moving in reverse. You should remember that the gearbox system in your automobile undergoes damage every time your impatience causes it to fail. 

The transmission system requires the brakes to stop the vehicle from transferring gears without jerking the driver or passengers around. When making a gear change, be careful to stop completely.


Putting too much in your car is like being overweight. Similar to how carrying around excess weight prevents your body from operating at peak efficiency, the same is true for automobiles. Overloading puts extra strain on the vehicle’s transmission, braking system, and suspension. In addition, fuel consumption increases with a disproportionate load in a motor vehicle. 

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Consequently, it is preferable to place less strain and weightage on your loving vehicle to maintain its appropriate health and welfare, and you can rest confident that its health will improve in the long term.

Having A Nearly Empty Gas Tank

Unfortunately, fuel gauges are notoriously unreliable. After the low fuel indicator light turns on, you could assume you have 40 or 50 miles of driving range remaining, but you might not. It all depends on the road conditions, of course!

Too little gas in the tank might lead to overheating and a breakdown because of the fuel system’s need for a coolant. If you entirely deplete your gas tank, you risk damaging your car converter, fuel pump, and fuel system. To lessen this likelihood, it’s important to maintain a fuel level of at least a quarter tank and have your engine and fuel system serviced regularly.

Putting the Car in Drive While It’s Still Reversing

Almost all of us have sometimes gone from backwards to forward gears without entirely stopping. We’re likely to pay little consideration to this, yet it isn’t good for the motor. When you ask the engine to stop a modern automobile travelling at less than five miles per hour, it’s producing more force than a bullet fired from a rifle. 

Said, this is a certain method to destroy a car’s gearbox. Avoid doing this at all costs since transmission repairs are among the priciest you’ll ever face.

Using Hot Water to Defrost the Windshield

It’s a time-tested method that’s especially helpful for those who reside in colder areas. A better word for it would be to say that it shatters. Believe us when we say that this is a real possibility and that it is startling and humiliating when it occurs. Slow down a little. It’s important to give the vehicle enough time to warm up and for the defrosters to work before you go off. 

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Even better, you should scrape the automobile windows. Keep your automobile inside a garage at all times throughout the winter. If that isn’t an option, park the automobile, so the windshield faces the sunrise. These methods are the most effective for preventing ice from forming on your car’s windscreen.
Sometimes it’s hard to break poor habits, and we all know that’s particularly true for seasoned drivers. However much time you spend in your car each day, you still need to maintain it properly to stop damaging your car. Keeping in mind the money you might be saving if you kick any of these poor habits is a good incentive to do it. As additional advice, don’t forget to check out Carorbis if you’re shopping for supplies. You can trust that their auto parts are top-notch.

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