How do IAS toppers UPSC Prepare?

IAS is the dream job of many youth in India. They all want to crack UPSC in the first attempt like many toppers but cracking the UPSC in the first attempt is not an easy task. Many toppers have cracked the IAS exam in their 4th or 5th attempt. So, cracking the IAS exam in the first attempt is really not important. You have to focus on your aim. 

Coaching classes play an important role in the UPSC exam but there is no confirmation of cracking the UPSC exam in the first attempt. It all depends on the candidate’s hard work. If you are capable, you can crack the UPSC exam without joining coaching like many toppers. Coaching classes are for your guidance but don’t depend on them. 

Here in the article we will share toppers’ strategy plan of preparing for the UPSC exam.

#1. Prepare a strategy

After deciding to prepare for the IAS exam, the first thing which every topper follows is to make a proper strategy of preparation. Cracking the IAS exam is not an easy task. Without a strategy it is not possible to deal with the lengthy syllabus of the IAS exam. It’s not necessary that every topper follows the same strategy for preparation. We all have different capabilities. Making strategies is very important for good preparation. .  

#2. Strict study plan

Strict study plan gives you a sense of direction, whenever you feel out of direction.  A study plan is important to manage your study hours. In the UPSC Syllabus of there are many subjects which you have not studied in graduation. For studying such types of subjects, you need to follow a strict study plan. 

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#3. Start with the basics

Always start your preparation by understanding the basics. If you can not start with the basics, the concept of the topics will not be clear. For understanding the subject go to the syllabus and try to understand the basic points. For better understanding study with NCERT books. NCERT books contain simple explanations of all the subjects. You can clear all the basic concepts with these books. After clearing basic concepts, move to another book.

Clearing the concept is very necessary for good, start with the basics first for clearing the concepts.

#4. Read the newspaper

Every UPSC aspirant should make a habit of reading the newspaper regularly. By reading the newspaper you can cover current affairs. Write down important points after reading the newspaper. Newspapers are considered as one of the prime sources of updated information. A bunch of papers and a short time on a daily basis leads you to stay updated with the latest news from the globe. So, it is important  to develop the habit of reading a newspaper on a daily basis. Read at least a national level newspaper like Times of India or Hindustan Times. 

#5. Reliable sources

There are many sources available for the preparation of UPSC. You can choose online as well as offline also. The Internet plays an important role if you want to know about any particular subject or topic. One thing you must keep in mind is that you have limited sources. Studying with too  many sources can confuse you. Whatever sources you are using, it should be reliable and limited. One of the reliable sources of official information is the PIB (Press Information Bureau) website. This website is maintained by the National Informatics Center and an authentic source of Information.   

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#6. Choose a right optional paper

Choosing the right optional paper is very important for the Mains examination. The choice of subject for optional paper should depend on your interest. There are many subjects which have higher success rates. Candidates can choose those subjects also but prefer the subjects which you have command over. Every topper chooses the subject of optional papers based on their interest. So, don’t choose an optional paper by following anyone.

#7. Answer writing practice

To Clear UPSC exam answer writing practice is a very important task. If you  do not focus on answer writing,you will definitely lose the attempt. Writing skills are important during the mains exam of UPSC IAS exam. So, aspirants must focus on daily answer writing practice with time management as per UPSC exam schedule. 

#8. Mock tests

Evaluation of your preparation is very important. All you must do for this is to attend a mock test online or offline .  By attending the mock test you can be aware of  the status of your preparation. You can work on your strengths and weaknesses in preparation. After knowing the weak areas, you can spend more time on those subjects and focus on the topic that needs less importance and time for preparation. 

#9. Previous year question papers

If you want to know the exam pattern and the important questions which repeat every year then you should go through the previous year question papers. Everyone wants to get good marks in the UPSC exam. But it is not possible without making proper strategy. Previous year question papers help candidates to score well in examinations. Solving the previous year question paper will give you a clear idea about the pattern of questions asked. You can find out which areas are important by solving previous year question papers. 

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#10. Hard work

Hard work is the key to success. You have to be hard working dedicated if you are preparing for an IAS exam. An aspirant becomes a topper by their hard work. There is no shortcut for success. If you want to prepare for the IAS exam like all toppers do then you should be hard working enough to prepare for the examination.
There is no already set pattern for the toppers. Every aspirant has different capabilities and they follow a different strategy to prepare for an IAS exam can be helpful but it’s not always necessary to join a coaching class. Many aspirants have topped the UPSC exam by following their own strategy.So believe in your hard work and be confident. Your physical and mental health is also a very important part of your preparation. By following the above points, anyone can crack the UPSC exam.

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