How Do You Claim Severe Disability Benefits?

As a popular saying goes on -That life is all about uncertainties. But, living with uncertainties is never easy and living with severe disability can be even more challenging. 

Severe disability refers to inability to perform very basic and simple tasks in daily living like -dressing, toileting, washing, or moving around and feeding. Severe disability can happen to anyone at any age. This can happen by any sudden event such as accident, heart attack, stroke or cardiac arrest etc. 

Severe disabilities includes 

  • Mental disorders 
  • Immune system disorders 
  • Musculoskeletal disorders 
  • Cardiovascular disorders 
  • Cognitive disorders etc. 

These and many more such cases are termed into severe disability. 

To claim severe disability benefits following conditions are supposed to be met. 

  • Severe disability is income related benefit where income support is provided to you on a monthly basis so that you can easily run up your finances. 
  • There are many people who are entitled to a severe disability benefits but are not getting it.  Once you are entitled to it then depending on the plan that you have chosen you will get started receiving the benefits once the due process of medical validation and paperwork is done. The good news is that it can be backdated to when you became eligible in the first place. 
  • To make a claim you should fill in the application form for severe disability benefits. This can be done through both online and offline modes through the instant disability website or office or else you can initiate this process through your client as well. 
  • Instant disability also shares the whole guidance of how to apply for severe illness and whether you fulfil all those requirements or not. You can get Disability Insurance for Individuals by visiting their website. 
  • The company also sends you a claim pack which contains everything you need to make your claim. 
  • The claim of severe disability benefits differ for couples single individuals or dependent ones.
  • If you are single following criteria needs to be met – Attendance allowance, the care component of disability living allowance, personal daily living component at standard or enhanced rate, you have no non-dependent adults living with you.
  • Criteria to be met by couples Both receive a qualifying disability benefit, you have no dependent adult living with you, only  one of you receives a qualifying disability benefit but your partner is registered blind.
  • After meeting all the parameters listed in the guidelines of the company from producing substantial medical reports and examination you can straight away start getting the benefits from the company after a short waiting period. 
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First of all you need to know the criteria whether you fit in the see your disability category or not. To know more in detail about how to claim for your severe disability benefits you can also contact your client and the 24/7 customer care service of Instant Disability Insurance. Every single minute detail regarding this is also mentioned in a detailed form in the website of instant disability insurance. With the help of customer service and through your area client we try to make sure that everyone who deserves the benefits should certainly get entitled to it and no one deserving is left out of the process.

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