How To Migrate Whatsapp Data From Android To iPhone?

Have you bought a new iPhone recently? And now wondering how to migrate WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone. If Yes, then it would be the last guide that you are reading. Here we have gathered all the information and best practises to transfer your data from android to iPhone.

As we know, WhatsApp has become a vital part of our life, it makes our communication easy with our friends and family. The New iPhone 13 had been released, and lots of android users shifted to iPhone. So, you need to make sure that your photos, contacts, files, and WhatsApp data are transferred properly.

Why Can’t we transfer data from android to ios?

The main reason WhatsApp is not able to transfer data between the different operating systems is that WhatsApp in android works on google drive to back up its data, on other hand, iOS uses its iCloud to back up data. So, this makes it impossible to sync WhatsApp data in android and ios.

Get Whatsapp Data From Android To iPhone

Currently, WhatsApp doesn’t equip any method to transfer WhatsApp data from android to iPhone, unless both devices use the same platform. For that, here we provide you with some applications and their steps. If you properly follow these steps, then you can transfer your data successfully.

The best ways to migrate WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone

Method 1- Migrate WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone 


Anytrans is the best application to transfer and backup your data. It allows you to move your WhatsApp messages from a WhatsApp android to an iPhone easily. Follow the steps given below:

  • Download the Anytrans on your computer and connect your android smartphone and iPhone to the computer via USB cables. Now you have to click on the ‘social messages manager’ option.
  • Now click on the ‘WhatsApp device’ and then tap on the transfer now option. 
  • You have to select your Android a the source phone and iPhone as a target phone, then click on the next button to transfer WhatsApp messages to your new iPhone from your android phone
  • Now it’s time to follow the popup instruction displayed on anytrans tool to continue.  Try to follow all the steps mentioned. These steps create a backup of your WhatsApp chats. Now install a modified version of WhatsApp to extract the backup and transfer it to your iPhone.
  • You will have to log in to your WhatsApp on your iPhone and tap on the restore button and then click Next.
  • Now Anytrans begin to transfer your WhatsApp data to iPhone
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     Once all the process is completed you will find that all the WhatsApp data migrated to the iPhone.

Method 2- Migrate WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone 


This is another method for transferring Whatsapp Data From Android To iPhone. And, with the help of these steps.

  • Download the phoneticians on your computer and install them and then connect your android and iPhone to your computer.
  • Now click on the button of App transfer from the left menu and then select WhatsApp.
  • Now click on the Start transfer.
  • Now check the source and target device, Here the source should be your android phone and the target should be your iPhone device. After verifying everything, click on transfer.
  • Now follow all the steps mentioned on the screen, it includes a backup of your WhatsApp chats on your android device and then allows phoneticians to install the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone. After clicking on restore and wait.
  • Once the process is complete then your WhatsApp chat will be transferred from android to iPhone.

3 Method- Migrate WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone 


  • As we have mentioned above, WhatsApp doesn’t allow you officially to transfer your messages from android to ios.
  • You will have to follow the steps given below for transferring Whatsapp Data From Android To iPhone.
  • First, you will need to open your WhatsApp on the Android device.
  • Now, go to the Whatsapp setting and click on the section of “Chats”.
  • In the section of Chat, you will find an option for chat history, now you will need to tap there.
  • After, click on the ‘Export chat’ option which will send messages through email.
  • For this, you need to select each chat because this method doesn’t allow each and every chat of your WhatsApp account to be emailed.
  • After that, you can send that chat backup email to someone else’s email.
  • If you want to keep chat backup for your personal messages, then you can leave it empty. It will be available as a draft in the Gmail app.
  • Note, you can read the messages from the chat backup, but won’t be able to restore them on your ios device in the WhatsApp message.
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4 Method- Migrate WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone using 


  • We have tested another method that can transfer your WhatsApp messages from android to iOS device.
  • First, download and install Mobiletrans on your computer.
  • Then, launch the mobiletrans app on your pc and after, select the ‘Whatsapp Transfer’. Now, connect both android and ios devices to the computer.
  • Now, click on Whatsapp on the side menu bar, and choose the “Transfer WhatsApp” messages from the option.
  • Now, the software automatically detects both of your connected devices. After, you have to choose the source and target device in the application.
  • Please, make sure that the target should be your iOS device. And then ‘start’. Note that if already using WhatsApp on the same device then all the data of your WhatsApp will be deleted.
  • In the end, When transfer chats will be finished. And you will be notified to remove your devices safely. Finally, when you install WhatsApp on your iPhone, all the chats will be available.

So, now you have got complete information about how to migrate WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone. And all 4 methods which we have tested will do your work easily.

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