How To Step Up Your Garden Parties

A garden party is a special event designed for your friends and loved ones. It’s not about getting the best of everything but making sure that you have enough to go around and everyone can enjoy themselves. You will need the right space and equipment, like 12 volt fridge drawers to make it work.

If you’re hosting a garden party, it’s important to remember why it’s such fun—and what makes it different from other kinds of social gatherings.

Be inspired by a theme

Choosing a theme is probably the easiest way to make your garden party stand out. Make sure it suits the occasion and is clear, easy to understand and execute.

You should also choose a theme that’s relevant to your guests—for example, if you’re having a Sunday lunch for family members who live nearby, then it makes sense that you would choose something like “Sunday Lunch in the Back Garden”.

Finally, remember that good themes are fun and memorable. If people can’t remember why you chose one particular theme over another, it’s not worth having one!

Set the mood with music

Consider the music you want to play. If you’re throwing a party for friends, it’s likely that they’ll appreciate upbeat, chill tunes. If you’re having a more formal gathering and want to set the mood with classical music, consider hiring an orchestra or having your friend who plays piano play in your place—you can offer them any food they want as payment!

When choosing music, keep these things in mind:

  • Choose songs that are appropriate for the occasion. If this is a birthday celebration for your 80-year-old grandmother, it might not be appropriate to blast Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” at full volume; instead, try something new from Lorde or U2 (bonus points if you have time on Saturday night). And don’t forget about volume; don’t let anyone come up after dinner later and say, “Sorry about all that noise”. Keep things pleasant but loud enough so everyone can hear clearly without straining their ears.
  • Consider the genre of music when picking out what type of songs will work best as background beats throughout dinner service/dancing/whatever activity occurs during this evening’s festivities. Know beforehand whether or not there will be dancing involved (there should always be dancing).
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Let drinks be a feature of the evening too

Use your imagination and let drinks be a feature of the evening too. Use unusual glasses, have a signature cocktail or mocktail, and ensure a variety of drinks are available. You could even go beyond what you normally drink and offer something new for everyone to try. If you want to go down the mocktail route, look at our list of Mocktails for Garden Parties as inspiration.

For those who are driving or don’t drink alcohol, we recommend 12 volt fridge drawers, which can be used outside and keep up to 36 cans cold while looking stylish simultaneously!

Use your garden as inspiration for decor

Your garden is your inspiration for the decor. Why not use plants, flowers and fruit to create a natural backdrop? Then you can use outdoor furniture to complement it.

For example, if you have a lot of ornamental grasses in your garden, why not arrange some on tables as centerpieces? They will look beautiful when lit up at night. Or perhaps consider using lanterns and candles instead of fairy lights – they’re much more atmospheric and romantic!


All in all, garden parties are a great way to see and be seen, but they can also be a lot of work. You’ve got to find the best venue for your party, choose the right food and drinks, and invite guests who are going to make sure everyone has an amazing time. Luckily we’ve given you all the tips on how to do this! We hope that by following our advice, you will be able to throw some epic garden parties of your own very soon