How to Take CBD for Muscle Soreness and Workout Recovery?

Many bodybuilders, powerlifters, and athletes use CBD to enjoy its wellness effects. They incorporate CBD products into their regimen to address post-workout soreness and improve overall recovery during intense training sessions.

Like other supplements, you need to know why, when, and how to take CBD to enjoy its maximum health and wellness benefits. The following lines shed light on the role of CBD in muscle recovery. 

CBD for Muscle Recovery

Multiple factors can contribute to post-workout muscle soreness. Using more weight than usual routine, an increase in workout volume, or performance of muscle-building intensity boosters like drop sets or giant sets can inflict microscopic damage to your muscles. It can leave you with sore and stiff muscles and undermine your motivation to go for training for several days. 

There are numerous ways to control and limit this delayed muscle soreness before and after your workout. For example, doing more thorough warm up and low-intensity cardio can help protect from muscle stiffness and soreness. Certain supplements, such as fish oil, can prove beneficial in addressing exercise-induced pain. 

Research on the effects of CBD on muscle soreness is still in its infancy. But a recent study found that trained athletes who took CBD post-workout recovered more quickly and reported less muscle soreness at 24, 48, 72, and 96 hours post-workout. The researchers concluded that CBD, when consumed immediately after strenuous exercise, significantly reduces muscle soreness. 

Other studies found CBD has the potential to improve sleep quality which in turn leaves a positive impact on muscle recovery. That is why athletes tend to use CBD for workout recovery.

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Using CBD for Muscle Recovery

Many users ask, “How much CBD should I take for muscle recovery”. The best approach is to follow the instructions labeled on the packaging of the product you are taking. Taking it alongside your protein shake immediately after a workout can produce the best results. Then you can take it later in the day or the next day, as needed.

Those taking CBD oil should use a dropper and place the drop under the tongue. Allow the oil to sit under the tongue for 30 seconds until it absorbs through the mucous membrane – it consists of a network of capillaries allowing the CBD better access to your bloodstream.

CBD A Muscle Relaxant

CBD also helps control muscle soreness by acting as a muscle relaxer. CBD muscle relaxer potential comes from its ability to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. This botanical compound helps the body to maintain balance in critical processes, including muscle function. 

No direct evidence supports the relationship between CBD and muscle growth. But CBD indirectly helps muscle building by influencing the digestion and injury healing processes. All this leads to an increase in muscle mass over time.

Final Thoughts

CBD bodybuilding products can help you achieve your goals by affecting muscle recovery and growth. Purchasing quality CBD products from a reputed manufacturer, such as Medterra, is critical to enjoying the natural benefits of this compound. Medterra combines their motivations and passion and delivers quality products at affordable prices. From seed to shelf, they adopt every possible measure to preserve the natural essence of Cannabidiol.

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Michael Levin is a CBD enthusiast, a researcher, writer and editor in the cannabis space, experienced CBD user and educator. He believes CBD can help improve our overall health and wellbeing

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