Improve the Netgear Router Slow Internet Speed

Have you perform the Netgear AC750 setup to improve the internet speed? But unfortunately get the slow internet? If yes, you don’t need to worry about the reasons. You have to walk through this post in which we elaborate all the reasons behind it along with the effective and suitable solutions. Keep reading!

Well, first we would like to tell you about the reasons that cause this issue on the router. By knowing all the contributing factors you will able to rectify the problem in no time.

Reasons: Netgear Router Slow Internet

Insufficient Power Supply

Insufficient power supply creates the internet issues some times because due to it devic not working properly.

Temporary Hiccups

The very first reason why Netgear router provides slow internet speed is technical glitches. When users use their networking device for a long time without giving any relax that time device surrounded by the temporary hiccups.

Damaged Ethernet Cable

There is a chance that you use the broken and faulty cable to connect the router and modem.

No Internet Connection

Maybe the speed of internet is not working from the internet service provider or might be your internet package is over.

WiFi Interference

Wireless interference also could be the reason why you experiencing slow internet issue on your Netgear router.

Excessive Distance

Long distance between the router and modem is also leads the slow network problem because due to long distance devices not communicate properly.

These are the most possible reasons that cause the slow internet issue on the Netgear router. You need to keep these reasons in mind and fix the trouble. Now, move further to get all the troubleshooting tips

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Resolve: Netgear Router Slow Internet

Check the Ethernet Connection

The very first hack we need to perform is inspect the Ethernet cable and its connection. Because some time Ethernet cable is damaged and broken mistakenly by the users and they keeps using it as a result facing the network issues. So, there is a chance that the cable you use is broken and faulty. Therefore, check the cable if you found any damage while checking then tries to repair it if possible. Otherwise change the Ethernet cable on the same time.

Keep the Devices Closer

Few users of Netgear router are not aware about the placement of their device and they place the device away from the modem which leads the network problem. So tackle the network issues you need to keep router near to the host modem so that they communicate properly with each other.

Avoid the WiFi Interference

To remove the wireless interference from the device keeps the following points in mind:

If you place your Netgear router near to the home appliance like microwave, washing machine, speaker, smart TV, and many more. Then you need to keep the device away from these devices because these devices have the electromagnetic waves that cause the wireless interference.

Keep the device away from the metal object like metal blinds, doors, wall, furniture and infrastructure because these things also worse the WiFi signals.

Restart the Router

Now you need to do is reboot and refresh the device to eliminate the temporary hiccups from the device.

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Walk through the below mentioned points to reboot the device:

  • First, disconnect the Netgear router power cable from the working wall outlet.
  • Thereafter, wait for some time.
  • Plug the Netgear router into the power socket.

Now, turn on the device and try to access the Netgear router login page to ensure that the internet is working or not. If not, then move to a further solution.

Contact ISP

If you are still into the same situation and none of the above hack assists you then contact the internet service provider maybe the issue is from his side because some time ISP block the internet due to some reasons or maybe the internet package is over. So, in this situation contact to ISP is the best option.

Thus, these are the effective solutions that you need to follow to improve the internet speed of the router..


These are the hacks that you will use to improve the Netgear router slow internet speed in hassle free manner. You just need to perform them as mentioned.

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