List Of 5 Best Lightweight Motorcycles In India For Commutation

Motorcycles in India save a considerable amount of time and effort for people to reach a particular
choice of destination well on time. Due to having narrow lanes across the cities along with jampacked traffic conditions, it is in the best interest of people to ride a motorcycle instead of a fourwheeler. Concerning the same, there is no better ride than that of lightweight commuter motorcycles
available widely in India.

If you are thinking to buy two-wheeler in India for daily commutation riding purposes within your
budget, then this blog post is here for your help.

Hero Splendor Xtec

Hero Splendor is one of the most popular and best-selling commutation motorcycles that the majority of commutation riders prefer to ride across distances. This 97.2CC air-cooled engine-equipped BS6-compliant motorcycle has a rich past of more than 25 years and its legacy still shining in the two-wheeler marketplace.

The finest ever 100CC motorcycle weighs only 112 kg and allows the rider of every age group, height, and health to ride this bike seamlessly and comfortably. As per the user experience level, Splendor Xtec along with the Splendor+ offers an unbeatable riding pleasure that helps riders to cover a great deal of distance cost-effectively and seamlessly across surroundings. After having the breakthrough popularity of this motorcycle for all these years, the new version of Hero Splendor Xtec offers fully LED DRL at the front, smart sensor technology to ensure a seamless ride, and a fully digital LCD screen at the front.

Bajaj CT 100

Another lightweight commuter-level motorcycle that comes under the list is Bajaj CT 100. It is a
popular Bajaj brand-specific and cost-effective commutation-level motorcycle that offers a great
deal of mileage factor along with lightweight handling across a different range of surroundings. It is
a modern-day-looking commuter bike that offers a minimalistic yet engaging design appeal to the
eyes of onlookers around. The current version of Bajaj CT 100 is available in a round headlamp
with an LED DRL at the front, rubber tank pads, a halogen taillamp, indicators, and front-disk
brakes. Those preferring to lay hands on a commuter bike at a decent budget can best lay hands on
Bajaj CT 100.

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Honda Dream Neo

Honda Dream Neo is a 110CC motorcycle with having simple-looking outlook along with a
sophisticated yet robust physical appeal. The 4-speed manual transmission equipped motorcycle
offers an approximate mileage of 60kmpl and weighs only 105 kg that sure to offer easy handling
capacity to riders of all age groups and sizes. Compared to the above-mentioned motorcycles,
Honda Dream Neo offers an enhanced level of performance, better power, speed, and overall riding

Bajaj Platina 100

One more option you have from the Bajaj brand of motorcycle is the Platina 100 which is offered
for urban streets and provides an optimum level of mileage capacity. For quite some time, Platina
100 has been a major and important part of the commutation two-wheeler marketplace. And it has
suddenly experienced quite a positive stir due to its completely revamped and modern-day outlook.
The present available Platina 100 weighs around 117kg and features a drum braking system at both
ends. It is an ideal choice for a commuter motorcycle if you require some sort of graphically
superior and stylish elements in the ride.

TVS Radeon

Lastly, the TVS brand has also become a leading part of the best lightweight commuter motorcycles
in India. It is one of the finest and preferred choices of mileage bike in India that can offer you an
approximate fuel efficiency of 60 kmpl. Available in quite an authentic look due to having a chrome
finish at different parts, the bike features an LED DRL, LED taillight, chrome rear-view mirror,
comfortable single-lined seat, and enticing exhaust sound to capture the attention of onlookers. And
in terms of overall handling, TVS Radeon features a weight of 116 kg.

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Concluding Thoughts

There is no such shortage of lightweight, entry-level, and cost-effective commuter motorcycles in
India offered by well-known two-wheeler manufacturing brands. But the major reliability of daily
riders goes towards Hero Motocorp bikes that offer a great deal of mileage factor along with riding
performance. Even the easily accessible Hero spare parts make this brand of motorcycles quite
reliable and popular among a large section of two-wheeler riders. And to buy your preferred choice
of Hero bike, rely on the online platform of eShop Hero Motocorp without even leaving the very
comfort of your home.

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