A Brief Overview Of The Ready Mix Concrete

Nowadays, many people are choosing ready mix concrete for their construction projects. It is primarily due to the wide range of benefits offered by this particular option.

The ready mixed concrete is defined as a tailor-made concrete option manufactured within a batching plant or a factory. The production of this concrete is solely based on the basic required specification. It is prepared by mixing sand, cement, water and aggregate.

Once ready, it is transported in plastic condition to the worksite within transit mixers mounted over a truck. The best part about this ready to use mixture is that it possesses high durability. Compared to the site mix concrete, it is regarded as an eco-friendly option to choose.

The mixing of the concrete is carried out in closed chambers, which, in turn, effectively reduces air and noise pollution. But, this is not the end! Many important distinctions exist between these two options. We will discuss some of the significant differences in the upcoming section. Reading this guide will also help you know why ready mixed concrete is preferable to choose over the site mixed concrete option.

Distinctions In Between Ready Mix Concrete And Site Mixed Concrete

Before choosing a ready mixed concrete supplier, you should figure out the differences between ready mix concrete or RMC and site mixed concrete. It will help you to understand whether the option you are choosing is worth for or not.

  • As ready mixed concrete is delivered ready to use, less time is consumed in this case. On the other hand, the process of preparation of site mixed concrete is much slower because of the multiple steps involved. Also, the setting time is more in the case of site mixed concrete.
  • The delivery of ready mix concrete can occur to multiple sites with a project. On the contrary, it is essential to mix the site mixed concrete at the exact point of use to prevent contamination.
  • Ready mix concrete is recommended for high rise structures, whereas site-mixed concrete is more suitable for low rise structures.
  • In the case of ready mixed concrete, the material waste generated at the site is minimal. But, in the case of site mixed concrete, there is some material loss during mixing and storage.
  • Ready mix concrete tends to have consistent quality as manufactured in a controlled and automated environment. But, in the case of site mixed concrete, continuous supervision is required to ensure consistency among batches. Due to inconsistency, setting time may also vary.
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We will move our discussion further by discussing the advantages of ready mix concrete. Let’s have a close look at these in the following section:

Advantages Of RMC Or Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mixed concrete or RMC tends to provide a wide range of benefits over other available options in the market. Below are mentioned some of the critical advantages that you should have a clear idea about:

  • Ready mix concrete is prepared by employing manufacturing processes which are highly controlled. It ensures consistency in the overall quality and design mix.
  • In terms of durability, ready mixed concrete tends to have an extra edge over traditional concrete. It aids in significant enhancement of the lifespan of the construction project.
  • As ready mix concrete eliminates the requirement for on-site manual mixing, ensuring lesser wastage of raw materials.
  • It is a highly eco-friendly option as there is lower pollution, lower dust emission and better utilisation of raw materials.
  • It is highly versatile and can be tailored to fulfil any construction project requirement effectively.
  • It is directly prepared at the batching plant, and thus, it eliminates the need for on-site storage of cumbersome raw materials.
  • Ready mix concrete is much easier to work with and thus involves lesser labour resources.
  • It reduces the overall cement consumption due to better on-site handling and automated processes; it is considered a highly cost-effective option.

Various Applications Of Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete is widely employed in a variety of applications. It includes big concreting projects such as canals, tunnels, roads, bridges, dams, etc. Also, it is utilised for concreting congested areas where it is almost impossible to store materials.

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It again includes those sites where the traffic intensity makes things difficult. The material is highly preferred when there is a shortage of labour staff and supervisors. As this concrete option effectively reduces the time required for construction, it is extensively used for residential and industrial projects.

Wrapping Up

We hope now, you have a comprehensive overview of the ready mixed concrete or RMC. Are you looking forward to choosing this option for your construction project requirement? If your answer is yes, you need to get this from a reputed ready mix concrete Essex supplier like RMS Concrete.

They are known for offering top quality concrete solutions at affordable pricing. Also, they make use of cutting edge tools and techniques to supply concrete in hard to reach areas. So, what are you waiting for? Opt for their professional assistance today without any delay.

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