Primary School Dubai: Stepping Stone for your Child’s Future

The primary learning days for your kid hold quite a lot of importance. Therefore, it is quite important that you must choose the right primary school in Dubai for your kid. This is the place where your child learns several essential skills that are important for their future; therefore, the school you choose will have a great impact on their future.

It is important that you research correctly before you enrol your child into a kgs school. The education and the facility your child receives will entirely depend on the school you choose for your child. The best primary schools utilise several unique and innovative learning techniques to make it easier for your child to understand and learn concepts.

The primary schools also make sure that learning is not just education for your child, but it is fun. This is essential for the overall growth of your child. 

Unique techniques that are utilised at primary school Dubai for teaching your kid:

●      Small group instruction

At kgs school, the tutors make sure to utilise the small group instruction technique. This is a teaching technique where the teacher usually plans several activities beforehand that is usually rotated among several children. Therefore each kid is able to work on a variety of tasks.

This particular teaching technique will allow the teacher to give a close look at the ability of each student. Further, this also gives the teacher of primary schools in dubai the opportunity to engage in a learning activity. It also allows the teacher the opportunity to engage in small groups. This is a great way for the teacher to instil confidence in each kid.

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●      Teacher-centric approach

This is one of the most general and popular techniques that is utilised by teachers to teach children effectively. In this teaching technique, the teacher is in charge of the classroom environment, where the teacher usually directs the students in order to passively gather any information.

This teaching mode requires the students to sit at an individual desk while the teacher is teaching and then gather all the knowledge the teacher is giving. In this kind of teaching, the teacher usually aims to minimize the group work and then further assign work individually to each student present in the class.

●      Student-centric approach

A student-centric technique of teaching in primary schools in dubai will allow the students to be included in the entire process of lesson planning and further their learning process. This method will further provide your children with the exceptional ability to develop the process of critical thinking.

It is important for your child to develop critical thinking ability as they will be further required to apply this knowledge and further learn to survive in the outside world. In this kind of teaching technique, the students are allowed to roam around freely in the classroom. This helps to generate a free learning environment.

In a student-centered teaching approach, there is usually a less active role of a teacher in hosting a lesson for the class. In this form of technique, there is a shift of responsibility and ownership for the students.

●       Inquiry-based learning

In an inquiry-based learning technique, the students are responsible for their learning. This mode of learning encourages the students to ask questions in order to help them explore the assignments and further understand any real-life experience. This mode of learning is effective with the help of materials and then sharing of ideas with one another.

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This form of learning helps to make the children accustomed to solving their own problems. Therefore this is great for your child to help them learn how to conduct their assignments on their own.

●      Kgs school Flipped classroom learning.

In a flipped learning form of education kgs school, a new technique of teaching is introduced. In this form of teaching, the teachers provide all the teaching content and material online for the suitability of the children to learn at home. Further, then they bring the children into a classroom environment to review their content and host a session of discussion where they acknowledge how well they have understood the assignment.

The aim of this particular mode of teaching is to help and provide more consecutive active learning modes for the students. This form of teaching is more commonly noticed for teaching older kids, but this is also an effective teaching method for primary students, as this mode provides them with the independence to learn on their own.

To sign off

During the initial stages of your child, the smallest of the factors leaves a great impact. This is the stage where your child experiences the most growth. Therefore to make sure that you get access to the best education and facilities, enroll your child in the world-class education facility at GIIS.

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