Simple and Easy steps to Android TV Setup

When Google TV was discontinued in 2014, it was replaced by Android TV, a platform that was fundamentally different. Simply said, Android TV is intended to bring the apps and games you enjoy on your phone to your television. That doesn’t mean you’ll be making phone calls or checking your email on your TV; rather, it’ll be about ease of navigation, entertainment, and simple participation. It’s all about making your TV smart and doing so with a familiar and simple interface. Now you have got a new Android TV and are not sure about Androidtv setup. This article is for you. Here we will cover how to start with android TV using android TV com setup.


To register with your Google account, you must first go through an installation process. If necessary, you can also use Google Assistant. You can also register the device with the manufacturer and download the appropriate apps from the Google Play store.

To begin, check to see if your Android TV is configured for external viewing. Please do as following

·       Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to connect the Android TV. (Connected to the TV’s power outlet and a free HDMI port.)

·       Select the HDMI port to which the device is attached when the TV is turned on.

·       Select a language and proceed to the next step.

Prerequisite for Anroidtv Setup

1 you will need a good Wi-Fi connection. Because your Tv depends on it entirely for the content.

2 you need a google account. If you are using an android phone you can use the same account for your TV. Or you can create a new one.

If your Tv does not have a built-in Android Tv operating system or does not have built-in Wifi support you will require the following 3 items

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·       One Android TV set-top box

·       HDMI ports and HDCP compatibility on a TV

·       An HDMI cord

Now you are done with all the above, it’s time for Androidtv Setup. It can be done with an Android TV remote, an Android phone, or an Android TV com setup.

Pair your remote

1. Turn on your television

2. Press the Source or Input buttons to select the appropriate input for your Android TV device. You should be able to find a picture of a television, a remote control, and a timer.

3. To pair your remote, follow the on-screen directions. (Each model has different steps to pair remote.)

4. A checkmark displays on the screen when the remote connects to the TV. If it doesn’t connect straight away, go back to step 3 and try it again.

Using an Android Remote to Set Up an Android, TV

First, let us discuss how to set up using an android remote. Follow the below simple steps.

·       Make sure your TV is turned On. If not Turn it on

·       Press “Skip” on the query asking you to set up the TV with an Android phone, using the remote.

·       Connect the TV to your home network using Wi-Fi. At this time, the TV may need to be updated. Simply wait for it to finish before moving on to the next step.

·       You will see 2 options there “Sign in,” then “Use your remote,”

·       You have to go to your Google account and sign in

·       Follow the directions on the screen.

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Using your Android Phone for Androidtv Setup

You can easily set up your Tv using your android phone. You can use the same google account for your phone and TV.  Follow the following steps

·       Use your remote to select Yes when your TV asks, “Quickly set up your TV with your Android phone?” the words could be different for different TV.  but the meaning would be the same.

·       Open the Google app. You don’t have to install it. Its already pre-installed

·       Once Google App is opened type “Set up my device,”

·       Follow the on-screen instructions until you see a code on your phone. Check to see whether your TV displays the same code. The same code should appear on your phone as well as TV

·       When your TV’s name appears on your phone, tap it.

·       Follow the directions on your TV to complete the setup.

Using your for Androidtv Setup

We’ve already shown how easy it is to set up the TV with an android phone and an android remote. There is yet another most simple method. For this, Google has created a webpage that simplifies the process; to access it, you’ll need a browser (valid for both desktop and mobile).

·       When the option for another android appears, select “skip” and choose the wifi network that you will use.

·       Click on the sign-in option. Login with your Google account details

·       Connect with the remote control by selecting “Use phone or computer.”

·       Open Browser

·       Go to to get started.

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·       Make a note of the code displayed on the television.

·       Sign in with your Google account on the browser, which should be the same as on Android TV.

·       Complete the procedure on the television by following the onscreen instructions and selecting the app you want to install.

Using a Hotspot on an Android TV

What if you don’t have broadband and want to use your phone as a hotspot to start the Android TV and view movies or shows? Follow the procedures below, which detail the mobile settings first, then the settings to be done with reference to the Android TV.

Setting to be done on your phone

You will have to turn on your mobile hotspot. To do so, follow the steps below.

·       Turn on your Android phone’s data.

·       Go to your phone’s settings.

·       From the drop-down option, choose Network and Internet.

·       Select Hotspot and Tethering from the menu.

·       Activate the mobile hotspot.

Setting to be done on your Android TV platform

·       Use the remote control to select “skip” when you see text on the TV that says “Quickly set up your TV with your Android phone?

·       From the drop-down box, choose “connect to phone data.”

·       Choose a name for your access point.


So those were the easy and simple methods to getting Androidtv setup  and running. Everything from installation to setting up Android TV using phone and has been covered, as well as a brief description of how to activate the mobile hotspot.

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