The Best Beginner Surfboard Buying Guide

Surfing is constantly capturing the thoughts and emotions of people worldwide, especially young people. Its culture reaches well beyond the act of surfing the waves. Surfing culture includes clothing, surfboards, posters, films, periodicals, language, music, and aesthetic experience, all of which are well integrated with today’s generation.

The sport is synonymous with Australia, which is recognised for its magnificent beaches and coral reefs and boasts surfing hotspots such as The Pass in Byron Bay and the Gold Coast in Queensland.

How can surfing be life-changing for you?

Surfing is a strong physical sport that uses your entire body, frequently assisting you in “discovering” muscles you were unaware you had. After a few days, you’ll have that pleasant post-workout discomfort. It’s one of the few activities that simultaneously train your upper body, core, lower body, flexibility, and stamina. Paddling against the waves gets the heart rate up while also improving aerobic fitness.

As your skills in surfing improve, you’ll be strengthening and conditioning your muscles and boosting your lung capacity. The best part is you will be relishing so much that you would not even notice this!

If you’ve gone for a walk by sea or spent the day at the beach, you’ll be familiar with the relaxed, skin-tingly, happy sensation that comes after hours of breathing in the salty air. Because the air particles near the water are charged with negative ion particles, it helps improve your sleep cycles and serotonin levels. Furthermore, getting all of those Vitamin D rays is beneficial to your immune system and bone strength.

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Nevertheless, as a beginner, which surfboards should you choose?

  • You aren’t Kelly Slater yet, so don’t go straight for a wafer-thin shortboard!
  • Volume is your ally.
  • You will damage your first surfboard, so prioritise utility before fashion.
  • And remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune!
  • You’re looking for a board that will not only help you learn but will also help you progress.
  • Rent a few different sizes and designs to discover what fits you best before you buy!

If you’re looking for the finest beginning surfboard, a mini mal is a way to go, especially one with a soft top or epoxy construction, which makes them extremely forgiving when it comes to bashing around!

A soft top is undoubtedly the safest option for total novices, albeit the cheaper ones come with pretty lousy, bendable fins, which makes turning and progressing a little more difficult. If you’re serious about surfing, getting surfboards with a suitable fin arrangement will allow you to push the surfboard and your talents further for longer.

An epoxy mini mal preserves all the elements you’ll want as a beginner – stability, durability, and, of course, performance – while opening up different styles and alternatives if you don’t want a soft top or have advanced beyond that level.

But if you want typical shapes and designs, the PU option is still a fantastic one, just keep in mind that they’re easy to damage – in the water, on the beach, and when transporting them to and from your car.

The basic conclusion is that if you are just starting, a 7-foot mini mal will suit almost everyone, with bigger or heavier persons preferring the 8-foot size range.

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Surfing remains among the most adrenaline-demanding sports out there. So, if you feel that you are ready to set out for the ocean, the possibilities for you are endless. All the Best!

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