To Have A Healthy Relationship, You Must Stop Comparing Yourself To Your Partner

Thanks to social media, you know further about others people’s live lives than ever ahead. you see prints of couple kissing, going on romantic dates and grand passages, and celebrating what appears to be the perfect union. You’re seeing only the good moments that someone has chosen to show.  It is easy to become jealous and feel threatened when the relationship is at its peak. Although this is contradictory, sometimes it’s hard not to feel threatened by the person you love. Sometimes it can be difficult to not compare your partner with yourself. Many Relationship Counsellors recommend that you avoid comparing yourself with your partner if you want to have a healthy relationship.

It is possible to wonder why we feel so threatened by love. Sometimes, you can’t help but compare yourself and your partner.

Sometimes you feel so in love with your partner that you are in awe of them. Or your partner appears so perfect to your eyes that you feel low about your life. Is it really so bad to compare? Is it a way to distance yourself from your partner?

Isn’t it possible to become a better person by comparing yourself? Let’s see.

How to Avoid Comparison

You should check your activities

These tech leaders can offer advice and suggestions that limit your time online. Be aware of how your online time affects your emotions, behaviors, and beliefs.

Please replace the content with something else if you notice more negative effects. Instead of going online, you can go into your yard, check your mailbox, or call your spouse or loved ones.

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Ask yourself this question: What could I give up to make my social media time more enjoyable? These social media standards may be one reason you compare yourself to your partner on social media.

Keep Your Eyes On Yourself

Logically, it is obvious that we all are different. Each person has their own struggle. Every person on social media is not perfect.

But, it’s easy to imagine how different our lives look when we see someone else’s whitewashed living space with their partner and children playing on the ground like angels. This makes us believe that our lives don’t look as perfect as theirs.

You will find certain moments in your life that others can see and they will consider them perfect. No matter how small or large your life is, there are blessings that you should remember. Do not envy the lives of others, but be grateful for what you have.

Celebrate Yourself

Spend some alone time to reflect on your relationship, your family, your love, and your children—positive information about your partner and yourself.

Sharing small victories, celebrations and positive events with your partner will be a great asset to your marriage. It is easy to let your frustrations go to your partner. This can lead to a decrease in communication and respect within your relationship. Celebrate what happened each day, every week with your partner.

Accept That You Are Imperfect.

You will always find someone more intelligent, more wealthy, or more attractive than yourself. No one is perfect. It is not possible to strive for perfection. Instead of being frustrated by your quirks and imperfections, accept them wholeheartedly. Accept that you are imperfect and let go.

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Turn Comparison Into Inspiration.

It is easy to compare our achievements with those of others. Instead of focusing on the success of others, we tend to overlook the thousands of hours spent preparing for and working towards it. Don’t let your partner’s wins disappoint you. Instead, open the door for them. These victories can serve as inspirations for you to be the best version of yourself. You should seek out a Relationship Counsellor if you can’t stop the comparisons between you and your partner.

Take it in this perspective. What would you think if your spouse/wife posted photos of other women/men to your partner’s timeline by his friends? Do you feel embarrassed? Humiliation? Underrated? Or dissatisfied?

You will be able to see his weaknesses if you get to know him well. It can be used against him or it can be used to build more love. You have the option to choose. You can feel ashamed, defensive or violated if you pay too much attention to your vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Stop comparing yourself to anyone.

Enrich Your Relationship

Comparing ourselves with others can make us feel anxious and frustrated. We can’t move forward. It is impossible to create the life you want. It will only waste precious time and energy that could be used to build our future. If you are focused on what others have, but not you, you lose your power. Every second spent comparing your path to others is wasted time creating your future.

Take back your power from the people, places, and situations that you have lost and bring it home. Your energy will be used to create, not destroy. Keep your eyes on you. When these thoughts arise, focus on the positives. Find something you love that makes you happy and do it. Be the best version you can be and share it with others.

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A Relationship Counsellor can help you if you’re stuck in the Partner comparison cycle. Relationship Counsellors can help you identify the root cause of your need to make your partner conform to the standards of other people.

How Can A Relationship Counsellor Help You Stop The Comparison Game?

A Relationship Counsellor can provide trusted advice for couples to help them establish intimacy, improve communication, and resolve conflicts. TalktoAngel is a place where you can interact with certified and experienced Relationship Counsellors. It can be provided by Relationship Counsellors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. TalktoAngel can help you with any mental illness. You can connect with the therapist via 3 modes i.e., video/voice/chat. The Relationship counsellors will communicate with the client in the most convenient way for them. Get in touch with us today for the Relationship Counselling

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