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Known as a city of lights and a pearl of the Middle East, Dubai is a place to visit at least once in a lifetime. The Unique city with beautiful skyscrapers, state-of-the-art architecture, fabulous shopping malls, desert, and beaches all make the city the best destination for tourism. At every turn, you will find praising and peaceful views. The residential areas give incredibly amazing sights which have their own pleasure. Precisely saying, the emirate offers the utmost chances of enjoying and cherishing the beauty and memories of the place.

Furthermore, if you have visited top-rated destinations like France, Italy, Bangkok, and others known for their beauty, you will find Dubai no less than these destinations once you visit there. We say Dubai is a pearl of the Middle East for a reason. It offers the best places to visit for people of all ages. Shopping Malls for women, pools, sports areas, golf courses for men, and places like underwater aquarium and safari park for kids. The adventure parks also offer the largest zipline in Dubai for adventure lovers.

If you wish to know more about out-of-the-world attractions of the place, below are some reasons to add the city to your bucket list if you haven’t already done it.

1.       Impressive view of incredible Dubai architecture

Dubai is known for its marvelous skyline, which keeps changing shape with the addition of new skyscrapers. Located in Downtown Dubai, you can enjoy the view of these marvels and other city attractions anytime you go for a walk or drive.

The Dubai frame is another stunning and gratifying view which is 492 feet high and gives a 360-degree of the city. Similarly, it has excellent architectural marvels in all shapes and sizes, which leave the tourists in awe. The fact that the emirate does everything in style is one of the attractions for people.

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In Dubai’s history, the ruler of Dubai knew that infrastructure was once going to be the key to long-term monetary success and that blanketed having an worldwide seaport and an airport. He knew he wished to boostrevolutionary and transformative solutions.

Dubai is such a huge and different place. No count number who you are, Dubai will have some thing for you. However, Dubai is very desirable to the prosperous and famous, it doesn’t conceal its wealth howeveras a substitute flaunts it. It is the fourth-largest wealth core worldwide.

2.       Desert dunes in Dubai

Spectacular views of Dubai’s desert dunes are one of the factors enhancing its beauty. The renowned safari desert gives plenty of options to enjoy the place and make your visit memorable. Visitors of the city do not risk missing the chance to enjoy the place, and safari comes top of the list of places to visit in Dubai for some people. You can ride buggies, and your kids can relish the camel ride. You can also enjoy the belly dance show, drink mint tea, and go sandboarding and slide on the dunes just like on the snow.

3.       Beaches to soothe the soul

Tour without enjoying quality time with your couple at the beach is not worth it, right? Dubai offers amazing beaches. Jumeirah Beach is known for its incredible views, which make it something more than a regular beach and can perform different team building activities. You can enjoy parasailing to enjoy the spectacular views. Another fact about Palm Jumeirah is that it is built in the middle of the ocean in the shape of a palm tree. There are other great options that you can explore if you are a breach lover.

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4.       Shopping paradise of the city of lights

The good news for shopaholics, Dubai is known as a shopping paradise because it offers endless shopping opportunities. Dubai Mall is the center of attention for everyone because it offers much more than shopping opportunities. You can leave kids at the play area or Dubai aquarium while you do the shopping in peace and end the day with some delicious food at restaurants within the mall. Besides, the city has souks next to the mall where you can enjoy shopping at reasonable rates.

5.       Underwater Zoo

Dubai aquarium lets you walk through the tunnels and give a pleasing view of sea life. The best point is that you can dive into the aquarium as well. So, who wants to explore the underwater zoo?

Apart from that, the emirate also offers impressive wildlife. Dubai zoo hosts more than 230 animal species. Being the first Arabian zoo to breed Chimpanzees and wild cats is another impressive place to visit.

6.       Explore the Dubai Miracle Garden

Located in Dubailand, Dubai miracle garden is another must-visit place in the emirate. It is the world’s biggest flower garden with unlimited flower sculptures. Therefore, the colorful place is the best option for an evening stroll and enjoying the greenery.

So, when you plan to visit there, do not forget to add exploring birthday party packages to your bucket list.

To conclude, Dubai is a unique city and a Pearl in the Middle East. With the architectural marvels and never-ending list of places to explore, Dubai is a dream place for people consumed by wanderlust. more

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