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WhatsApp, a globally popular messaging app, is also working on a message reaction feature like Facebook. The messaging app has released a new update for Android users on the beta channel, which shows that WhatsApp is working on a message reaction feature for users.

WhatsApp has been working for a few months now on a feature that will allow users to message reactions to comments like Facebook, through which users can now express their feelings on WhatsApp messages without a written reply.

According to reports, the new feature of WhatsApp will be introduced as a future update in the future, but users will not be able to see it in the latest beta version in the settings menu disable. But your dedicated reviewer has everything covered for you, and you don’t need a WhatsApp spy app for Android or iPhone to dig out the details – not here anyway!

WhatsApp’s encrypted messaging platform for iOS and Android is ready to react to messages. Message answers are accessible on prominent social media sites such as Instagram, Signal, and Google Messages, thus this is not a new function.

WhatsApp, a globally popular messaging application, is constantly changing features for Android, iPhone and Windows, and users are constantly receiving updates. Most of the features of WhatsApp work the same way in Android, iPhone and Windows devices but there are some features in WhatsApp that can only be used on iPhone. These features might make your desire to use a WhatsApp spy app for Android or iPhone slightly less!

In 2021, it was reported that the feature was still in development and no specific time frame was noted for its release. Like Facebook Messenger, users will see a line of emojis at the top of the message. It is not clear whether users will have to press long on the message or if there will be a dedicated button next to the message to add a response.

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When the functionality is put out, WhatsApp will show message responses, according to a report from September. Below the chat bubble, the message reactions will appear as a little discussion box. All users in the chat will be able to see who reacted to a certain message since the reactions will not be anonymous.

Like, Love, Laugh, Surprised, Sad, and Thanks are the six potential emotions, which are represented by six emoji: thumbs up, heart, face with tears of joy, face with wide mouth, sobbing face, and folded hands. When you choose a reaction, it will display at the bottom of the message.

At the very top of the message, WhatsApp users will see a line of emojis. It is not clear if users will have to press a message long enough to add feedback or if there will be a dedicated button next to the message. Replies to the message will include end-to-end encryption, however very little information is currently available.

WhatsApp is also developing a new feature that will allow group managers to delete messages sent to other members of the group. When an admin deletes a message, the user will be notified that “it has been removed by an administrator.”

Message responses are already supported in Meta’s other programmes, such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram, so it’s only logical that they’d be introduced to WhatsApp now. Notably, Facebook Messenger and Instagram also have access to a complete emoji selection in their reply options, but it is unclear whether WhatsApp users will have the same option.

WhatsApp will add responses to iOS and Android in a forthcoming test before exposing it to the wider public, according to the outlet. Reactions, like messages and backups on the app, will be secured end-to-end, according to WaBetainfo.

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WhatsApp will gain a message reaction information page that will display who liked the message and which emoji was used. The ‘All’ option on the details tab will provide a list of all people who reacted to the message, regardless of the emoji they used. All other replies will be classified according to the emoji that was used next to it.

The message app also plans to move the “Broadcast Lists” and “New Group” options from the conversations list in a future version to make the user experience cleaner and less crowded. New animated heart emoticons will be added to the platform, as well as a new notification for mentions in group conversations.

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